7 tips on how to make yourself go to sleep faster

7 tips on how to make yourself go to sleep faster

Posted On - November 8, 2017

Most people have a problem where it can take more than an hour to reach the earliest stages of sleep while some it can take as easy as 5-10 minutes.

So how do we make ourselves go to sleep faster each night?

  1. Avoid technology before bed

It is recommended that 1 hour before your bed time to turn off all devices including mobile phone devices, tablets, laptops/computers, e-books and TV. Spend time reading a book or write in a journal so that you can avoid the bright lights of the screen and use a natural light lamp.

  1. Take a bath

When you step out of a warm bath, you’ll feel sleepy because the sudden drop in body temperature mimics one of the stages that occur during sleep. The heat will help relax your body and muscles to allow you to relax more easily once you go to bed.

  1. Hide your clock

We all have the temptation to constantly check to see what time it is or how many hours of sleep we have left. This will make it harder for you to fall asleep. By hiding or turning the clock away from you, you remove the temptation to constantly check the time.

  1. Meditate

Meditation is a useful technique to use to help you to fall asleep faster. By slowing your breathing and focus on feeling relaxed you will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

  1. Relaxing each muscle

Close your eyes and focus on each muscle area one at a time and start clenching, then release, then relax. This will help identify where there is tension which is causing you discomfort before bed. By focusing on the tension area by clenching then releasing you will help your body to start relaxing.

  1. Avoid caffeine

A BIG recommendation is to avoid caffeine in the later part of your day or right before bed. It takes approximately eight hours for the caffeine in your body to be fully metabolised. It is better to have coffee in the morning but no more than four cups per day and no later than lunch.

  1. Keep your room cool

Lastly, keeping your bedroom temperature cooler than average can help you fall asleep. Our body temperature drops naturally during sleep but deeper sleep can be achieved by mimicking this effect. Also, having a mattress that keeps you cool throughout out the night can ensure you get a full good nights sleep.