What is activated charcoal in the 624 mattress?

What is activated charcoal in the 624 mattress?

Posted On - November 1, 2017

We added a little activated charcoal to our natural latex comfort layer as it traps toxins and chemicals in its particles. What does that mean? Rather than your body absorbing the toxins, the charcoal creates a reaction where the chemicals bind to the surface of the charcoal. By adding activated charcoal, we have formed a barrier to filter the air around you while you sleep.

Another example is; If you have ever owned a fish tank, do you notice little bag of black rocks in the filter system? That is activated charcoal. It helps filter out the odours and impurities in the fish tank water, preventing your room from smelling like a stinky fish tank and keeping the water clear for your fish.

The activated charcoal in sleep products works much the same way. The properties of charcoal allow it to adsorb odours and impurities in the air. This works via chemical adsorption. Adsorption is the adhesion of atoms, ions, and molecules from a gas, liquid, or dissolved solid to a surface. The pollutant molecule is trapped inside the pore structure of the charcoal, therefore removing it from the air. Adding charcoal to memory foam products can aid in odour control and offer antibacterial protection.

So many great benefits from activated charcoal. 624 is one of the first to have this in their mattress. Get your 624 now! Head to Reap all the benefits and dispel the unwanted.