Ever bought a mattress and didn’t like its firmness?

Ever bought a mattress and didn’t like its firmness?

Posted On - November 22, 2017

Have you ever gone mattress shopping in the big retail outlet stores and get bombarded by the salesman trying to sell you a mattress that was overpriced and seems comfortable at the start but ended up being the worse mattress for your back after a couple of years? Well, you’re not alone. A majority of people are still doing this today!

So how do you find the right mattress firmness?

The firmness of the mattress comes down to the initial feel when you first lie on the mattress compared with long term comfort. To tell the difference, when you first lie down and the mattress instantly pushes back with a hard stiff like surface than it would considered as firm. If you lie down on a morcloud-likeke comfort with a lot of cushioning and it immediately contours and hugs your body, then it would consider as soft or plush. Another is finding the right balance between the two. A mattress that has a balance level of push back, hug and contour. This would be considered as medium firmness.

Most mattresses only offer one firmness at a time over the other and many give you the option to swap the firmness by sending them out to you which can be very time consuming and sometime costly. Well, the 624 mattress has got you covered!

Our unique 624 Mattress has something that most other mattress companies don’t – a changeable top layer that offers two separate levels of firmness in the one mattress. That’s right! two firmness in the one mattress!!

You can try the 6-level firmness which is a medium-firm with a latex top layer, or you can try the 4-level firmness which is a medium-soft with a memory foam (visco elastic) top layer. You simply unzip the specially designed cover and flip the top layer of the mattress to find your perfect sleeping comfort firmness.

What is also great about the 624 mattress is that if you are not happy with our mattress within 100 days, we will pick it up free of charge and refund you in full. No worries and no hassle… That’s our guarantee!

Click on the link below to view our video about adjusting the 624 comfort layer.