Posted On - November 15, 2017

Ever wonder what benefits your mattress can provide you besides comfort and support? Ever wonder if your mattress is hygienic or if it provides proper air flow?

Here at 624 you don’t have to worry or wonder about anything! We have created a revolutionary mattress which provides you with all the extra benefits.

When you choose a 624 you only get the good things. Our mattress is hypoallergenic, antibacterial and antimicrobial. This means you can sleep easy knowing you’ve got a mattress that’s resistant to dust mites, mould, fungus and mildew. At 624, we think about your hygiene first.

We also added activated charcoal to our natural latex comfort layer as it traps toxins and chemicals in its particles. What does that mean? Rather than your body absorbing the toxins, the charcoal creates a reaction where the chemicals bind to the surface of the charcoal. By adding the charcoal we have formed a barrier to filter the air around you while you sleep. We want to ensure you sleep cool not hot!

You may have done your research on other mattress companies which offers gel infused memory foam or waterproof covers. Here at 624 we don’t use that during the process of making our mattress. Why?

  • Gel infused into the mattress restricts air flow and can make you sleep hotter. Airflow is the key to a cool sleep.
  • Waterproof covers or membranes traps the moisture near your body as it stops the absorbency of your sweat during sleep. Everyone sweats in their sleep to some extent. The average is 200 millilitres per night. This is not only uncomfortable but can lead to mould forming on the outer cover. Moisture should pass through the mattress as quickly as possible. Waterproof covers also restrict airflow.

Are you getting your money’s worth with the mattress you have now? Or are you willing to upgrade to a better, comfier mattress with all the added benefits for a third of the cost of a store-bought mattress? If you are willing, head over to and make that change and sleep easy…